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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $19: Parents always wonder: "What happens if my child comes home after your dance class, and FORGETS all the steps they learned?" (Most kids forget some of the steps the first couple times...)! And that's why we created "Quick Step Cues"! These are easy to follow videos will help your kids remember all the steps they learned in class - right from home! You can even do the steps with them if you'd like! Click YES to get the most out of the dance classes and add this additional training to your order now for just $19! (This offer is not available ANYWHERE else!)

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Simply the best !!! We are so lucky to have Claire and Richard - the Canadian and North American champions as our teachers...Their knowledge, skills, and passion have inspired their students at different age groups (children and adults) and different levels (beginners, advanced, and competitive). What's the better way than learning from the best.
Simon H.
Claire and Richard are fantastic teachers and beautiful dancers. They are extremely knowledgeable and very committed to their own learning and progress as dancers and teachers. Because they too are always learning, they have a great understanding of what students need technically and artistically. Most importantly, they are very kind and exhibit the highest level of professionalism.
Kathy F.

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